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Literary     Kill MommyBy John C. Wiswell
Five minutes into the first quarter, Bob heard something behind him. He looked behind the sofa and saw his son trudging towards the stairs. He wore his cowboy hat and cap gun belt.

"What did Mom say about wearing that stuff inside, Junior?"

The boy didn't look at him. He said, in a pathetic John Wayne impression, "I've come to kill Mom."

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Fantasy     SatineBy Stephanie Speciale
The carriage parked at the end of a drawbridge. A castle loomed ahead, separated from the land by a ring of deep, murky water. As he looked at the worn, Gothic architecture, Anthony Carbuncle couldn't help feeling nervous.

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Literary     Memory DeleteBy Victoria Grossack
Cassandra, sitting in the waiting-room, put down the pad she was holding. Even though the story was one of her favorites, she had read it so often that it had lost its ability to transport her into its world.

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Literary     Lion in the GardenBy Edoardo Albert
"Mummy, there's a lion in the garden."

Mummy, who was busy cooking, released her shirt from Matthew's grubby fingers.

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Literary     Hot HeatBy Christy Morrison
I am rage.
* * *

I feed a furnace in my belly with a constant cache of coal. It never gets low and I never burn out. It sizzles and sears; it expands and it ebbs. Still, I am in control.
* * *

I get a letter from the principal's office.

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Horror     Room To LetBy Beki Muchow
Mitzi pulled up to the curb in front of a lovely old Victorian home.

"What's that they say? If it sounds too good to be true..." she muttered, reading the ad again, certain it was a misprint. But desperate times called for desperate measures. She had to check it out.

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Romance     MoondanceBy Geoffrey C Porter
John marked the day on the calendar with a black x: the day after his 83rd birthday. Weary old hands, he thought. His hands were of note because they were marked with wrinkles and age spots. In fact, his whole body bore the marks, but he always promised himself not to regret days spent...

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Humor     The Thing Under The BedBy Beki Muchow
It was my first apartment, a sublet actually, and I was terribly excited. I rang the buzzer and was greeted by the tenant, a scruffy, greasy-haired fellow, his arms loaded with boxes and a donut in his mouth. He was on his way to study bugs in the Amazon or some such thing.

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SciFi     Death World OneBy Dianne M. Williams
I finally found the exit. We had to double-back from the Interstellar 405 to find the damn thing. The wormhole was not well marked, let me tell you.

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Humor     Jacob and LizzieBy Roberta Glacken
Her blonde, curly hair swooped down on her collar, despite the high ponytail she had placed it in. She sat quietly reading a book at the table, waiting for service.

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Humor     Zombie PsychologyBy Sarina Dorie
I'd been expecting my ex-boyfriend to show up sooner or later, and when he did, I knew he'd probably want to eat my brain.

When the moaning and thumping started, I ignored it, thinking it was my upstairs neighbor having sex with his girlfriend again. As the moaning grew louder and drowned out the sitcom I was only half watching, I realized the noise was coming from zombies.

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Horror     Trading UpBy Tracie McBride
Mamma has always had a love for other people's possessions. Her house is like a giant magpie's nest. Everything in it is second-hand, some items legitimately purchased but most stolen. A collection of knick-knacks clutters her mantelpiece, thrown together with no regard for colour, form or value.

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Horror     Running With the PackBy Darrel Duckworth
Slipping between the leaves, I scanned the jungle, looking for movement or a wrong shape that would mean a human or other threat...feeling with my feet for trip wires...sniffing the air.

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Literary     Seed of DoubtBy John Conway
Solitaire handball was not enough. Bobby Fisk kicked his dusty rubber ball and surveyed the neighborhood. Madison Tucker played in her shabby yard with a set of construction toys. Bobby jammed his hands into his pockets and sneered. "What're you doing?"

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Horror     The NoteBy Karen Heslop
"Is everything okay Mom?" I asked.

"Yes dear. Everything's fine."

Her smile was very tentative and I knew she was lying but 16 years in this house had taught me the futility of asking probing questions.

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Literary     The Girl Who Wanted To Walk On WaterBy John J Brady
The other side of the lake was so far away that Maria could barely make out the unfinished bridge's sole remaining arch. Yet it was no further than every other time and surely today would be the day when she finally made it. She left her sandals on the grass and winced as the pebbles pressed into he

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Romance     FigmentBy Will Ross
"I don't understand why you're so afraid of loving me, Daniel," Samantha said as we walked through the used book store together. She always wanted to hold hands in public, which made me feel a little silly. But the back of the store was nearly empty so I humored her. Her fingers laced with mine

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Horror     JusticeBy Jason Lairamore
Ash lay behind, all over the world. Everything hurt. All of it. Ever since she died.

I lie at the tree line under a cover of dead leaves and scan the open plain for signs of life. It's midday, but the sky is overcast enough to make it look near dusk.

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SciFi     The Shadows of Boys at DawnBy Michael A. Michel
Beth held Will's head in her lap and stroked his greasy, unkempt hair as his eyelids grew heavy with sleep.

She sighed. Overhead, clouds drifted past a rusted halo of light around the moon and crickets hummed their gentle tunes into the darkness beneath a night-sky tainted brown

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Humor     The Continuing Adventures of the Four HorsemenBy Bruce Golden
One sat cross-legged, the other two propped against an outcropping of granite. A trio of horses stirred restlessly nearby, tethered to a dying sycamore. The half-eaten remains of a jackrabbit hung from a spit over the withering fire. Overhead a lone buzzard circled

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Humor     SologamousBy John C. Wiswell
Thinking he couldn't have heard the man correctly the first time, the clerk looked up from his computer and asked, "I know you want to file for a marriage license, but who do you want to marry?"

Everett pointed to himself.


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Horror     A Day And Two Nights When I Was TwentyBy Brendan Detzner
I refuse to feel bad about it. It was a bad thing that happened, and that's all. I wasn't punished, and did not punish. It's tempting to go further then that, but it's poisonous, and I won't do it.

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Humor     Six Feet BlunderBy S.E. Batt
Out of all the places that Louis had awoken after an accident, he'd put his own grave high on the list.

He couldn't tell he was in one straight away. Sitting up from his position, he rubbed the spot of his head where he had made a brief and somewhat brash introduction with a lamp post.

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Humor     Ultraviolent Rodentia!By Geoffrey C Porter
I saw the first rodent droppings on the counter in my kitchen the other day. Rodents are foul beasts that you typically find living in sewers and under houses. I had no intention of sharing my home with one. I asked, "How did a mouse get in my house and on my kitchen counter?"

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Romance     A Generous Tip By James Guin
When I swung open my front door, the summer breeze blew the smell of cheese into my nostrils and the rising steam from the sides of the box onto my face. The red pizza logo on his black cap jumped out at me, but when he lifted his head, all I could concentrate on were his dark, absorbing eyes.

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Fantasy     The VanguardBy Geoffrey C Porter
I kicked my heels into the horse to keep up with the others, and for the first time since the start of this ordeal, I thought to myself, I'm too young to die. The horse galloped forward, and in the distance, the edge of a great field of tall grass lined the horizon.

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Humor     At the ToneBy Jeffrey B. Burton
"Hello. You have reached the Mark and Danielle Becker residence. At the tone, please leave a message and Danielle or I will get back to you as soon as--

"Aw hell . . . who am I kidding? . . . none of that's actually true. It pains me to admit that Danielle no longer lives here. Not anymore

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SciFi     Departure SequenceBy Laura Thurston
Pete Philips led the customs officer on a circuitous path down narrow corridors. "I assure you, Officer Ricardo, no crew of mine is brewing hooch. Once you clear us to leave--"

She scanned the bulkhead. "That panel is off color."

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Horror     Your Wicked PartsBy Amanda C. Davis
The monster returned to Marlie's bedroom closet in eighth grade, after she had almost forgotten about it. Marlie lay awake listening to the whispers for one agonizing night. In the morning, she twisted a wire hanger into a jam to hold the knobs together. It could not be killed, she knew, but perhaps

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Romance     Photo OpBy Lee Hammerschmidt
"Wow, it looks like I really need to get back to my Pilates class," Lucida said, glancing at the stack of photos in front of her. "Some more cardio would be good, too."

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Horror     Goblin SoupBy Geoffrey C Porter
Heather brushed a few errant strands of straight, brown hair out of her eyes. "You know there's a goblin living in the woods..."

I raised one eyebrow. "Which woods?"

"That little chunk of woods between Willow and Vine." She pointed in the direction of the woods...

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Horror     Flash FloodBy Joe Nazare
For many, the storm had assumed seriously biblical proportion within two days and nights, and any facetious talk about needing to build an ark was scuttled once the rain-swollen Sabine slipped its yoke and ran wild through the town.

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Horror     Trolls & RabbitsBy Geoffrey C Porter
The rain fell like icy steel pins. Lightning etched between clouds high above illuminating the landscape. The troll ducked under a tree and shivered. He looked down at the knife in his right hand. He dropped the knife and ran for home.

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Horror     The Christmas VultureBy James S. Dorr
It was her second favorite night of the year, the Friday night that fell just before Christmas. She cruised the highways leaving the city, her black vulture wings blotting out the moon, as scudding clouds moved in to add to the darkness. A turkey vulture, she had a well developed sense of smell,

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Humor     Frying CabbageBy Sheila Crosby
Sometimes I enjoy cooking, but this wasn't one of those times. I was chopping up a cabbage for lunch. (I fry cabbage with a little bit of bacon and garlic - very good) And I was bored, bored, bored.

The knife hit something hard. There, in the very center of the cabbage, gleamed a massive pearl

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SciFi     Hot Chocolate for the UnicornBy Mary E. Lowd
The curved neck and stretched wings of the black Dragon dwarf the figure of the doe-like white Unicorn. They make an unlikely picture behind the glass panel and aluminum frame of my sliding glass kitchen door. As always, quite the sight to see. I ask them in.

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Humor     A Good ManBy Andrew Brazier
Lenny Squire was caught in traffic. Of all things, on a Wednesday afternoon outside the sleepy town of Gilmore, population no more than 200 if any at all, he couldn't manage to merge onto the highway. An entire row of cars, twenty or more...

Views:6281      Rating:6.9 / 18

SciFi     Daisy ChainingBy Mary E. Lowd
Daisy chains are kind of tricky, so I didn't believe the frezzipod when he said he could daisy chain his way from Altu 7 to Altu 5 in fifteen minutes flat. First of all, that's a forty minute flight...

Views:5482      Rating:6.9 / 16

SciFi     UnsungBy Jack Skelter
Nuke Boy and Razorback, sidekicks both, paced listlessly atop the geo-dome overlooking the concrete spires of Metro City.

Views:5030      Rating:6.8 / 19

Horror     OtalgiaBy Fox Hill
Joan's inner ear itched, and though she had tried to ignore, her success was minimal at best. The itch was a visceral thing, and not as easily fixed as a stray hair finding its way deep within the cavity. She laid still for as long as she could in hopes of not waking her roommate Stefanie...

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Fantasy     VeronicaBy Brendan Detzner
It was two o'clock in the morning. Veronica knew for sure now that she was being followed. She'd circled the block three times, a quiet row of identical houses. There were no streetlights, no anything for at least half a mile in every direction except for the two of them,

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Horror     Mr. FluffyBy Barbara A. Barnett
Figures, Pete thought as he stared into the rabbit cage. Mr. Fluffy lay corpse-still, his formerly floppy ears rigid and his pink nose no longer twitching. The damn rabbit would have to up and die on Good Friday.

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Horror     You Don't Want What I GetBy Michelle Ann King
The others don't like me. Partly because I'm a girl and partly because I don't like them either, but mostly because I'm treated differently.

When they go up to collect their cut I stay where I am, sitting on the table. Smoking. They don't like that either, some of them. Bunch of tough guys,

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SciFi     One Soldier's ReasonBy Terry Light
I stood on the sidewalk between a busy urban street and a brick building with doors to a Mandarese restaurant, a beautician, and a pawn shop. At the far end of the block a small sign jutted out above a simple glass door.

"Army," it said.

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SciFi     Knarf's Day Away From the LabBy Mabel Grimes
The cartoon clown grinned down at Knarf from the picture window as he shoved through the door into Burgerama. Lacey Gacey's twisted smile always gave him the creeps when he saw it on television, but he squared his shoulders and strode past it, just as though he'd encountered the monstrous image...

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Humor     Nude Kilometer a Modest SuccessBy Gretchen Bassier
DEARBORN, Michigan—Once a year, a small but brave group of University of Michigan students makes a daring 5,280-foot sprint across their Ann Arbor campus...minus their clothing. Now, in the spirit of camaraderie and sisterhood, U of M-Dearborn has decided to join in on the long-standing tradition of

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Humor     My Teacher is a Zombie -- No, Really!By Tina L. Jens

We're all in danger, and I've told everyone I know, but no one will believe me! You probably won't believe me either, but I'm gonna tell you anyway; and someday, when they...

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Humor     DromedaryBy Samuel Mae
With a flick of her jeweled cane, the fur-coated woman at the counter announced, "I would like your finest dromedary, shopkeep. It must be large, and its hump well-formed."

Maria didn't reply. She didn't know how to reply.

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SciFi     One Man's TrashBy Robert Lowell Russell
The hundred meter wide ball of garbage dangled on the diamond-filament cable. A climber pod propelled the pile to the distant Tsiolkovsky anchor, orbiting Earth. Another heap was just breaking through the planet's atmosphere, while others, farther on their journey, formed a 65,000 kilometer necklace

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Humor     Letter to the EditorBy Joshua Brown
Letter to the editor, from Stan Andrews, the first human to make contact with an alien life form.

I'm writing this letter to clear up some misconceptions about myself and my experience with the alien as I've come under a lot of criticism about the incident in the recent weeks.

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Humor     Not just for ChristmasBy Owen Smith
'I want a pet for Christmas,' I told my dad.

He looked at me seriously, but my parents are divorced so I already knew the answer was yes, and I didn't even need to ask nicely.

'What sort of a pet?'

'An angel.'

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SciFi     Of In-laws and Close EncountersBy Nicky Drayden
Mai huddles up close to me, her breath soft against the back of my ear. We squirm futilely on our stomachs, trying to find a position both comfortable and with a clear view of the dingy gray screen at the foot of her sleeping tube.

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Romance     Rescue MeBy MaryAlice Meli
Maribel cradled Rhonda's head as the dog rested on the steel examining table. The Irish Setter was in kidney failure, normal for a dog nearly fifteen. The woman's teary blue eyes looked into her companion's...

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Humor     Beware! Space Pandas!By Will Ross
I think the greatest environmental threat to the human race is if super smart pandas had lasers and they came down from space where aliens trained them to be smart, but also shoot lasers. This would be a drastic change of environment. Because it would be a bear, which is harder to shoot than a person,

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Action     Sucker PunchBy Lee Hammerschmidt
The crescent kick caught me perfectly, the inside of the heel landing on the side of my neck. Quick, fast and hard, the leg sweeping up from the floor in an arc before I could react. The whole left side of my upper body went numb.

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Humor     KingBy Bennie L. Newsome
"... twenty ... twenty-five ... fifteen ... forty-five ... one hundred! Ready or not, here I come!"

Five-year-old, Chloe Mann uncovered her adorable, brown eyes and looked around her bedroom. "I'm gonna find you!" she declared as she quickly dropped to her knees and looked under her bed.

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SciFi     WeremooseBy Mary E. Lowd
A shadow of antlers stretched ominously over the snow. Darkfoot crouched behind a fallen log. White flakes tickled his muzzle, but he dared not shake them off. With its long legs, the moose could easily outrun a young wolf like him. Or kick him in the skull.

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Humor     Carrot JuiceBy Kip Nealdersun
(Or How I Cooked An Alien And Nearly Started A War Of Worlds)

"Hoo... Hoo... Hoo...."

It was the weirdest of sounds I had ever heard. If it's Brad, it was utterly uncalled for.

"Brad! Is that you?"

No answer.

The stove was on and...

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Horror     Everyone Loves Peanut ButterBy Erica L. Davis
I could feel a sunburn soaking into my skin halfway between the gas station and my house. I was sticky, dehydrated, and cranky, so the sunburn was just the cherry on top. I knew I should have checked the gas before shoving Edgar in the trunk, but it wasn't on my list of priorities right then.

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SciFi     ScreamcatcherBy Sheila Crosby
My cat ordered a dreamcatcher over the Internet. The first I knew was the package arriving in my mailbox, together with the invoice.

I glared down at him. "Tom, how many times have I told you – using my credit card without permission is fraud."

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SciFi     Fridge WarsBy Tracie McBride
Sunday 5pm

"Did you forget to pay the power bill again, Gary?"

"Um...I dunno. Yeah, maybe..."

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Romance     The Man That Got AwayBy Judith Field
After John and I split, I got a flat in a different part of town. Somewhere where I wouldn't have to see him with his new girlfriend. But with good mobile coverage. Just in case he rang.

Views:6104      Rating:6.3 / 42

Horror     The Black CrayonBy Alexis A. Hunter
I pause after sliding the door shut behind me. The interior of the trailer is heavy with hazy twilight. Strangled beams of the setting sun slip between the edges of fire-engine red curtains. I sigh and lean against the door, just breathing in the silence. My gaze travels lazily over the walls;

Views:3226      Rating:6.3 / 51

Horror     The Office ZombieBy Carolanne Patton
Caitlin sat in her cubby and blissfully typed away on her computer, unaware of the menace that stalked the halls in her quiet little office. She reached over and absently picked up a cat toy and looked at it sadly. It had belonged to the office cat, Max, who had passed away recently.

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Romance     Hello, Mrs. RobinsonBy Sarina Dorie
I couldn't hear my daughter's words with my head under the drier, but I could tell by her tone she was none too pleased.

"What?" I shouted over the noise.

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SciFi     An Object Lesson in MisanthropyBy Michelle King
I'd always believed my mother was destined to become a certified Crazy Cat Lady, so the idea of her having a friend of any kind, let alone a boyfriend, took some getting used to. But once I met Bill, I liked him. He had a nice smile and good manners, and God knew what he was doing with Mum.

Views:5807      Rating:6.2 / 37

Humor     The Aardvark CurseBy Garry McNulty
I had no idea what I was getting into. She was beautiful and intriguing, and, after three dates, we had slept together and I told her how special she was.

That's when she sprang it on me. "You should know I'm a witch," she said.

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Fantasy     Dragon Snot and Chosen OnesBy Therese Arkenberg
"I'm not like all the other dragons," it sniffs.

I sigh and lower the point of my spear. Seems like this one wants to talk. Over the years I've realized that dragons, like humans, will gladly unburden themselves

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Humor     Undying LoveBy James S. Dorr
My new girlfriend, Cynthia, has to be the stupidest woman I've ever met. How stupid is she? On our first date she actually told me she thought chocolate milk came only from brown cows.

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Literary     The Circle LineBy Sheila Crosby
"You want to look to stop looking back," said Chas. "You and me, girl, that's the future."

He worked hard for our future, too. At least twice a week he'd drag himself home three hours after he finished his shift. "Sorry, Love. I did it again," he'd say, as he staggered through the door.

Views:4787      Rating:6.1 / 11

Romance     Something FishyBy W. R. Shaw
Fish. She'd never liked them much. Something about the cold unblinking eyes, and grotesque shapes. Take flounders - two misshapen eyes staring from one side of a bizarrely flattened body. What was that all about?

Views:3567      Rating:6.1 / 22

Fantasy     No MagicBy Jennifer R. Povey
Derik had no magic. To his people, in his world, that was like being born without a sense or a limb.

He had no magic, and thus he was suited only to the most menial of tasks, and employed out of pity in a job that could have been...

Views:2591      Rating:6.1 / 65

Humor     Bread, Hospitals & Army SurplusBy Carson Buckingham
Being the self-sufficient person that I am, when I ran out of bread this week, I thought I'd just whip up a loaf in my kitchen.

It is to laugh.

Apparently, in order to make a warm loaf of beautiful bready goodness, you must belong to some sort of secret society—whereabouts unknown.

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Horror     Friends ForeverBy Cher Green
The strong breeze pushed the kite higher and carried the now familiar voice across the backyard.

The call floated through the air, like the sounds of the wind chimes on her neighbor's back porch. Clorisa began hearing the voice a few weeks

Views:4824      Rating:6.1 / 25

Romance     A Dinner Time StoryBy Dane Zeller
Sally sat at the dining room table set for two. The candles were out and cold. The clock showed 7:39. The smell of meatloaf was nearly gone from the kitchen.

Views:2546      Rating:6.1 / 20

Horror     That Blasted HorseBy Jennifer R. Povey
It all started with that blasted horse. A cowboy needs a horse that's tough, one that won't take any more shit than he will. Your average, regular horse, when a steer runs right at him, he'll run.

Views:2681      Rating:6 / 23

SciFi     Aficionado for EncantadoBy Sarina Dorie
Marcela came highly recommended as a guide from the travel agency. As I explained exactly what I wanted to get out of my trip, her brow furrowed. I was here in Brazil because I was convinced my soulmate was an encantado.

I didn't want just any Prince Charming. I wanted an enchanted prince. I started to tell her about the legends.

Views:825      Rating:6 / 6

Action     The WretchedBy Nick Allen Cooke
They are the secret soldiers of the nefarious overlords; the subterranean underlings of a strange and unimaginable underworld. They lurk in the alleys and scurry in the sewers, lying in wait for dusk to settle. Oh, you may see one during daylight hours, but they are at their most vicious after night has fallen.

Views:4256      Rating:5.8 / 37

Romance     Waiting for GeoffreyBy James S. Dorr
Sometimes a kiss is . . .

Well, who knows really? Friendly? Motherly? Sure, sometimes kisses can be romantic. I suppose that's the best kind. But look around, you see girls kissing other girls all the time, don't you? But that doesn't mean they're all lesbians or something.

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Horror     OctoberBy Geoffrey C Porter
The full moon above twisted the shadows into shapes of demons and specters. I clutched at Jessica's hand as we walked through the woods looking for refuge. October is upon us, echoed through my mind, and the beasts and goblins reigned like tyrants this year.

Views:2860      Rating:5.8 / 7

SciFi     Blackboard GalaxyBy Sarina Dorie
By the last period of the day, I was just about ready to strangle one of the middle school students in my Earth studies class. As I looked up from helping one of the giant Denebians with an essay in the back of the room, I tried to keep my voice low and calm. "Snorg, please stop kicking your neighbor. Open your i-Textbook to the chapter on Earth geography. We're going to have a quiz on this at the end of the week."

Views:43135      Rating:5.7 / 103

Humor     The Gypsy CampBy Geoffrey C Porter
Tracy walked up to her sister's front door and let herself in. Tim vaulted down the stairs shouting, "Aunt Tracy! Aunt Tracy!"

Views:3212      Rating:5.7 / 8

Horror     Werewolf's TailBy Geoffrey C Porter
Emily peered into the dark recesses of her school locker seeking out her tattered book of poetry. She simply knew it was in there somewhere, perhaps behind her Unicorn covered notebook... She felt hands squeeze her breasts and a bulge rub against the crack of her ass. She shrieked and spun

Views:6560      Rating:5.7 / 77

SciFi     In the DryBy TD Carroll
Welcome to the f'ing future, right? I mean, this is what all the movies said it was going to be like, right? My name's Jay Reaper, ‘cause I'm death to anybody that crosses- Okay, well, my real name's Jeremy Farmer, but you've got to figure I'm a little BA since I'm still around.

Views:6093      Rating:5.6 / 47

Horror     Koko's RabbitBy James S. Dorr
Sometimes Koko's rabbit would tell her stories.

These weren't pleasant stories, by and large. Mostly they tended to be stories about things with fangs and claws, the sorts of things rabbits feared.

Views:5087      Rating:5.5 / 10

Humor     Hard BoiledBy Melanie Rees
A mother's guide to boiling an egg in five easy steps.

Views:4091      Rating:5.4 / 29

SciFi     The PhysicalBy Joel Arnold
Nurse Crandall stepped into the waiting room and looked at her clipboard. "Martin Kennebunk?" She waited, scanning the room, smiling. She looked at her clipboard again, and then up at the lone man sitting there.

Views:2395      Rating:5.4 / 21

Humor     PopcornBy Richard Beland
The galleon returned from the New World loaded with corn, and the little country of Wolverton found a thousand and one uses for this new product: they ground it into flour and made porridge and bread; they made starch and oil and syrup; they ate it off the cob and washed it down with corn liquor;

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Humor     THE LIZARDS AND IBy Conda V. Douglas
Singapore was Asia light, a gentle introduction to the Pacific Rim, or so I believed. Perhaps my experience would have been like visiting a moist Disneyland, had it not been for the lizards. I settled in at my friends' house, an old colonial

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