We've been doing this for a while now, and we're having a lot of fun reading submissions. I've taken a number of college writing courses (7 quarters worth @ 2 classes per quarter), and I hand selected this team. They've all agreed to do it for no pay. Well, if we evolve into a corporation, they will receive ownership shares. All stories will be screened by an editor, then I must approve the story for it to end up in the Issue. Three editors will approve of each story that goes into an Issue.

Geoffrey C Porter

Editor in Chief

I make the final decision on all stories. I might be the first editor to read a story, but I might not. I have penned close to 40 short stories over the past five years, and nine of those have been selected for publication so far (include two print markets, two token payment markets, and one professional market). I have a strong background in technology development, especially wargames, and my pursuit of English and Literature in college is ongoing.
Contact: geoffrey.porter@mail.com
If you email me, please include a useful and distinct subject, or I might mark it as spam.

Eva M Wheelbarger

Romance & Humor Editor

She's our dedicated romance (and humor) editor. She'll flag stories for me to read. She's originally from Sweden, so she knows romance.

Jeffrey E Breault

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Editor

His main focus is on reading all the sci-fi/fantasy stories and deciding which ones deserve further review. His favorite response to a story is "Interesting"...

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