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SciFi       Knarf's Day Away From the LabBy Mabel Grimes
The cartoon clown grinned down at Knarf from the picture window as he shoved through the door into Burgerama. Lacey Gacey's twisted smile always gave him the creeps when he saw it on television, but he squared his shoulders and strode past it, just as though he'd encountered the monstrous image...
Views:2440      Rating:6.7 / 20

SciFi       ScreamcatcherBy Sheila Crosby
My cat ordered a dreamcatcher over the Internet. The first I knew was the package arriving in my mailbox, together with the invoice.

I glared down at him. "Tom, how many times have I told you – using my credit card without permission is fraud."
Views:5902      Rating:6.2 / 24

SciFi       Daisy ChainingBy Mary E. Lowd
Daisy chains are kind of tricky, so I didn't believe the frezzipod when he said he could daisy chain his way from Altu 7 to Altu 5 in fifteen minutes flat. First of all, that's a forty minute flight...
Views:5482      Rating:6.9 / 16

SciFi       One Man's TrashBy Robert Lowell Russell
The hundred meter wide ball of garbage dangled on the diamond-filament cable. A climber pod propelled the pile to the distant Tsiolkovsky anchor, orbiting Earth. Another heap was just breaking through the planet's atmosphere, while others, farther on their journey, formed a 65,000 kilometer necklace
Views:2810      Rating:6.6 / 23

SciFi       In the DryBy TD Carroll
Welcome to the f'ing future, right? I mean, this is what all the movies said it was going to be like, right? My name's Jay Reaper, ‘cause I'm death to anybody that crosses- Okay, well, my real name's Jeremy Farmer, but you've got to figure I'm a little BA since I'm still around.
Views:6093      Rating:5.6 / 46

SciFi       Of In-laws and Close EncountersBy Nicky Drayden
Mai huddles up close to me, her breath soft against the back of my ear. We squirm futilely on our stomachs, trying to find a position both comfortable and with a clear view of the dingy gray screen at the foot of her sleeping tube.
Views:4150      Rating:6.8 / 15

SciFi       Aficionado for EncantadoBy Sarina Dorie
Marcela came highly recommended as a guide from the travel agency. As I explained exactly what I wanted to get out of my trip, her brow furrowed. I was here in Brazil because I was convinced my soulmate was an encantado.

I didn't want just any Prince Charming. I wanted an enchanted prince. I started to tell her about the legends.
Views:825      Rating:6 / 6

SciFi       UnsungBy Jack Skelter
Nuke Boy and Razorback, sidekicks both, paced listlessly atop the geo-dome overlooking the concrete spires of Metro City.
Views:5030      Rating:6.8 / 19

SciFi       Death World OneBy Dianne M. Williams
I finally found the exit. We had to double-back from the Interstellar 405 to find the damn thing. The wormhole was not well marked, let me tell you.
Views:764      Rating:7.8 / 8

SciFi       An Object Lesson in MisanthropyBy Michelle King
I'd always believed my mother was destined to become a certified Crazy Cat Lady, so the idea of her having a friend of any kind, let alone a boyfriend, took some getting used to. But once I met Bill, I liked him. He had a nice smile and good manners, and God knew what he was doing with Mum.
Views:5807      Rating:6.2 / 37

SciFi       Departure SequenceBy Laura Thurston
Pete Philips led the customs officer on a circuitous path down narrow corridors. "I assure you, Officer Ricardo, no crew of mine is brewing hooch. Once you clear us to leave--"

She scanned the bulkhead. "That panel is off color."
Views:779      Rating:7.2 / 12

SciFi       The PhysicalBy Joel Arnold
Nurse Crandall stepped into the waiting room and looked at her clipboard. "Martin Kennebunk?" She waited, scanning the room, smiling. She looked at her clipboard again, and then up at the lone man sitting there.
Views:2395      Rating:5.4 / 20

SciFi       Blackboard GalaxyBy Sarina Dorie
By the last period of the day, I was just about ready to strangle one of the middle school students in my Earth studies class. As I looked up from helping one of the giant Denebians with an essay in the back of the room, I tried to keep my voice low and calm. "Snorg, please stop kicking your neighbor. Open your i-Textbook to the chapter on Earth geography. We're going to have a quiz on this at the end of the week."
Views:43135      Rating:5.9 / 96

SciFi       The Shadows of Boys at DawnBy Michael A. Michel
Beth held Will's head in her lap and stroked his greasy, unkempt hair as his eyelids grew heavy with sleep.

She sighed. Overhead, clouds drifted past a rusted halo of light around the moon and crickets hummed their gentle tunes into the darkness beneath a night-sky tainted brown
Views:835      Rating:7.5 / 7

SciFi       WeremooseBy Mary E. Lowd
A shadow of antlers stretched ominously over the snow. Darkfoot crouched behind a fallen log. White flakes tickled his muzzle, but he dared not shake them off. With its long legs, the moose could easily outrun a young wolf like him. Or kick him in the skull.
Views:2758      Rating:6.4 / 21

SciFi       Fridge WarsBy Tracie McBride
Sunday 5pm

"Did you forget to pay the power bill again, Gary?"

"Um...I dunno. Yeah, maybe..."
Views:5114      Rating:6.3 / 23

SciFi       One Soldier's ReasonBy Terry Light
I stood on the sidewalk between a busy urban street and a brick building with doors to a Mandarese restaurant, a beautician, and a pawn shop. At the far end of the block a small sign jutted out above a simple glass door.

"Army," it said.
Views:7399      Rating:6.7 / 22

SciFi       Hot Chocolate for the UnicornBy Mary E. Lowd
The curved neck and stretched wings of the black Dragon dwarf the figure of the doe-like white Unicorn. They make an unlikely picture behind the glass panel and aluminum frame of my sliding glass kitchen door. As always, quite the sight to see. I ask them in.
Views:5145      Rating:6.9 / 37

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