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Humor       THE LIZARDS AND IBy Conda V. Douglas
Singapore was Asia light, a gentle introduction to the Pacific Rim, or so I believed. Perhaps my experience would have been like visiting a moist Disneyland, had it not been for the lizards. I settled in at my friends' house, an old colonial
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Humor       DromedaryBy Samuel Mae
With a flick of her jeweled cane, the fur-coated woman at the counter announced, "I would like your finest dromedary, shopkeep. It must be large, and its hump well-formed."

Maria didn't reply. She didn't know how to reply.
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Humor       The Continuing Adventures of the Four HorsemenBy Bruce Golden
One sat cross-legged, the other two propped against an outcropping of granite. A trio of horses stirred restlessly nearby, tethered to a dying sycamore. The half-eaten remains of a jackrabbit hung from a spit over the withering fire. Overhead a lone buzzard circled
Views:4530      Rating:7.5 / 9

Humor       Letter to the EditorBy Joshua Brown
Letter to the editor, from Stan Andrews, the first human to make contact with an alien life form.

I'm writing this letter to clear up some misconceptions about myself and my experience with the alien as I've come under a lot of criticism about the incident in the recent weeks.
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Humor       A Good ManBy Andrew Brazier
Lenny Squire was caught in traffic. Of all things, on a Wednesday afternoon outside the sleepy town of Gilmore, population no more than 200 if any at all, he couldn't manage to merge onto the highway. An entire row of cars, twenty or more...
Views:6281      Rating:6.9 / 18

Humor       Bread, Hospitals & Army SurplusBy Carson Buckingham
Being the self-sufficient person that I am, when I ran out of bread this week, I thought I'd just whip up a loaf in my kitchen.

It is to laugh.

Apparently, in order to make a warm loaf of beautiful bready goodness, you must belong to some sort of secret society—whereabouts unknown.
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Humor       Undying LoveBy James S. Dorr
My new girlfriend, Cynthia, has to be the stupidest woman I've ever met. How stupid is she? On our first date she actually told me she thought chocolate milk came only from brown cows.
Views:6539      Rating:6.2 / 10

Humor       Hard BoiledBy Melanie Rees
A mother's guide to boiling an egg in five easy steps.
Views:4091      Rating:5.4 / 29

Humor       Zombie PsychologyBy Sarina Dorie
I'd been expecting my ex-boyfriend to show up sooner or later, and when he did, I knew he'd probably want to eat my brain.

When the moaning and thumping started, I ignored it, thinking it was my upstairs neighbor having sex with his girlfriend again. As the moaning grew louder and drowned out the sitcom I was only half watching, I realized the noise was coming from zombies.
Views:6055      Rating:7.8 / 43

Humor       Carrot JuiceBy Kip Nealdersun
(Or How I Cooked An Alien And Nearly Started A War Of Worlds)

"Hoo... Hoo... Hoo...."

It was the weirdest of sounds I had ever heard. If it's Brad, it was utterly uncalled for.

"Brad! Is that you?"

No answer.

The stove was on and...
Views:2744      Rating:6.4 / 17

Humor       Six Feet BlunderBy S.E. Batt
Out of all the places that Louis had awoken after an accident, he'd put his own grave high on the list.

He couldn't tell he was in one straight away. Sitting up from his position, he rubbed the spot of his head where he had made a brief and somewhat brash introduction with a lamp post.
Views:2725      Rating:7.5 / 17

Humor       Nude Kilometer a Modest SuccessBy Gretchen Bassier
DEARBORN, Michigan—Once a year, a small but brave group of University of Michigan students makes a daring 5,280-foot sprint across their Ann Arbor campus...minus their clothing. Now, in the spirit of camaraderie and sisterhood, U of M-Dearborn has decided to join in on the long-standing tradition of
Views:2523      Rating:6.6 / 23

Humor       My Teacher is a Zombie -- No, Really!By Tina L. Jens

We're all in danger, and I've told everyone I know, but no one will believe me! You probably won't believe me either, but I'm gonna tell you anyway; and someday, when they...
Views:3091      Rating:6.6 / 21

Humor       Jacob and LizzieBy Roberta Glacken
Her blonde, curly hair swooped down on her collar, despite the high ponytail she had placed it in. She sat quietly reading a book at the table, waiting for service.
Views:3391      Rating:7.7 / 17

Humor       Frying CabbageBy Sheila Crosby
Sometimes I enjoy cooking, but this wasn't one of those times. I was chopping up a cabbage for lunch. (I fry cabbage with a little bit of bacon and garlic - very good) And I was bored, bored, bored.

The knife hit something hard. There, in the very center of the cabbage, gleamed a massive pearl
Views:5634      Rating:6.9 / 20

Humor       The Gypsy CampBy Geoffrey C Porter
Tracy walked up to her sister's front door and let herself in. Tim vaulted down the stairs shouting, "Aunt Tracy! Aunt Tracy!"
Views:3212      Rating:5.7 / 8

Humor       Not just for ChristmasBy Owen Smith
'I want a pet for Christmas,' I told my dad.

He looked at me seriously, but my parents are divorced so I already knew the answer was yes, and I didn't even need to ask nicely.

'What sort of a pet?'

'An angel.'
Views:2486      Rating:6.6 / 14

Humor       At the ToneBy Jeffrey B. Burton
"Hello. You have reached the Mark and Danielle Becker residence. At the tone, please leave a message and Danielle or I will get back to you as soon as--

"Aw hell . . . who am I kidding? . . . none of that's actually true. It pains me to admit that Danielle no longer lives here. Not anymore
Views:5661      Rating:7.2 / 20

Humor       Beware! Space Pandas!By Will Ross
I think the greatest environmental threat to the human race is if super smart pandas had lasers and they came down from space where aliens trained them to be smart, but also shoot lasers. This would be a drastic change of environment. Because it would be a bear, which is harder to shoot than a person,
Views:4490      Rating:6.5 / 16

Humor       PopcornBy Richard Beland
The galleon returned from the New World loaded with corn, and the little country of Wolverton found a thousand and one uses for this new product: they ground it into flour and made porridge and bread; they made starch and oil and syrup; they ate it off the cob and washed it down with corn liquor;
Views:5515      Rating:5.3 / 12

Humor       The Thing Under The BedBy Beki Muchow
It was my first apartment, a sublet actually, and I was terribly excited. I rang the buzzer and was greeted by the tenant, a scruffy, greasy-haired fellow, his arms loaded with boxes and a donut in his mouth. He was on his way to study bugs in the Amazon or some such thing.
Views:801      Rating:8 / 10

Humor       Ultraviolent Rodentia!By Geoffrey C Porter
I saw the first rodent droppings on the counter in my kitchen the other day. Rodents are foul beasts that you typically find living in sewers and under houses. I had no intention of sharing my home with one. I asked, "How did a mouse get in my house and on my kitchen counter?"
Views:2907      Rating:7.5 / 10

Humor       KingBy Bennie L. Newsome
"... twenty ... twenty-five ... fifteen ... forty-five ... one hundred! Ready or not, here I come!"

Five-year-old, Chloe Mann uncovered her adorable, brown eyes and looked around her bedroom. "I'm gonna find you!" she declared as she quickly dropped to her knees and looked under her bed.
Views:4026      Rating:6.5 / 26

Humor       SologamousBy John C. Wiswell
Thinking he couldn't have heard the man correctly the first time, the clerk looked up from his computer and asked, "I know you want to file for a marriage license, but who do you want to marry?"

Everett pointed to himself.

Views:6189      Rating:7.5 / 22

Humor       The Aardvark CurseBy Garry McNulty
I had no idea what I was getting into. She was beautiful and intriguing, and, after three dates, we had slept together and I told her how special she was.

That's when she sprang it on me. "You should know I'm a witch," she said.
Views:3994      Rating:6.2 / 20

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