Your story must be assigned to one of the following categories. Or genre, but don't assume you should stay within the parameters of a genre strictly, with the exception of romances, no sad endings to romances. Romances with sad endings are called tragedies, and you should likely consider them literary pieces. Click here for stories we don't want.


This is actually my favorite category (along with Humor and Horror). Keep it clean though, no erotica. Original story ideas are key, simple boy meets girl and they become joined at the hip stories, aren't going to fly (unless they are so amazing that they inspire us).

Action Adventure Thriller Mystery

These are always fun stories and I believe we need a dedicated category for this group. We're not into true crime or historical fiction.

Science Fiction/Fantasy

This is a really tricky in short fiction. Do what you can, and send it in. Stories about ray guns are generally not our thing. This is Jeffrey's favorite category.


We have a really broad sense of humor. They have to be really funny to make the grade, of course.


This is for that story that just won't go in another category, but is still filled with conflict, a beginning, a middle and an end.


I hope we get lots of these! Seriously, scare us, make us think outside the box, make us sit on the edge of our seats.

Non Fiction

We will accept political pieces with a strong use of language, a powerful message, and a definite leaning towards Libertarian Party solutions. Otherwise, don't send us non-fiction. "We are the 99%" non-fiction will be considered (especially if it has a clear message, and especially if it works in libertarian party solutions).


We are no longer in search of a kung pao recipe (visit Pineapple Kung Pao Recipe 2012). We will still consider recipe/story combinations. Must be in story form. Must be a recipe an idiot who doesn't own measuring spoons can follow.

Stories we don't want:

  • No stories that involve two characters talking back and forth when one character is tied up.
  • No rape themes.
  • No prostitution of a minor.
  • No plot theme that involves using explosives versus civilians.
  • We get a LOT of stories where the main character simply keels over dead in the end. We generally aren't interested in this ending. Maybe, if the main character dying nicely resolves the conflict, sure, maybe, but typically, no.
  • No stories that are simply a glimpse of the afterlife.
  • No Second Person (you can submit one of these, and we'll read it, but understand, you'll likely get a rejection "no second person"). Make sure the opening is stellar, or we may not read the whole thing.
  • No True Crime. If it reads like you're watching a bad CSI episode or SVU episode, it's not our thing.
  • No, I woke up, dazed and confused, not sure where I was, openings.
  • We strongly prefer scenes to exposition. We did publish three stories: In the Dry, by TD Carroll; Trading Up, by Tracie McBride; and One Soldier's Reason, by Terry Light that are almost entirely exposition, but all three of them really rock. They do exposition brilliantly. For us to publish another piece that's heavy with exposition, it's going to have to rank up there with those three. Those are three of my all time favorites.

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