The Sundered, By Ruthanne Reid

By Geoffrey C Porter

The Sundered, by Ruthanne Reid, is a well written novel which was a very welcome change from what I usually read. The story is told in first person point of view and present tense. Most fiction that I read is past tense. The main character is very human and likable.

I encountered only one very minor typo in this book, which was a nice change from proofreading my own works.

The Sundered Ones within the book are magic wielding creatures capable of immense power. They are alien life forms compared to humans, but both share a kind of symbiotic relationship. The book claims that they use science, and we could debate this back and forth. Making parchment appear out of thin air is magic in my opinion, even if it might happen on Star Trek(tm).

Overall the book is a very good read. Very enjoyable. There were a few plot elements which were repetitive, but not in such a strong way as to bring down the book in total.

I didn't enjoy the ending, but I recognize that is more about my tastes than a flaw in the work. The ending is what it is, and I don't get to rewrite it.

A book where you can easily forget to eat while turning the pages.

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