Retribution By Matthew Johnson

By Matthew Johnson

Review by Geoffrey C Porter

Retribution by Matthew Johnson is very well done. It's a story of medieval warfare without any hint of magic-users. It is a very touching, human story. It could easily be described as a literary piece, since there is no magic or sci-fi. The descriptions and action are well balanced, with little excess, and thoughts are included, but not overdone.

The main character in this story of war is basically a farmer, and not a warfighter. I usually prefer strong main characters, but I see more and more of a trend to have main characters who have severely limited abilities who must survive via whit, charm, and cunning. That really is best, too, when your main character is a kind of walking god, it's hard to present challenges which she cannot overcome.

Initially, when I started reading the book, I encountered about one typo per page for the first five pages or so, and I said hell no. I didn't have much else to read though, and the content I had read was very good, so I gave it another try, and there are almost no errors after those first few pages, so it's ok I think in terms of errors.

I am tempted to take a star off because there's no author bio in the back of the book. I almost always read the author bio after reading the book, and this book doesn't have a bio. Otherwise, this book is one of the best books I've read in some time, but I should also mention it may be more on the novella or young adult length than a full length 80-120k word novel.

The book is third person limited: this means we only see what the main sees, hears what he hears, etc. Sometimes this means some of the action takes place off camera, and this is common with third person limited. This technique really lets us get inside the head of a character, and it's a tradeoff with having multiple point of view characters (whereas we are not really inside any of them).

Available on Amazon Kindle:, Retribution, Matthew Johnson.

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