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This document is subject to change (last updated Friday Dec 14th, 2012).

If we buy an author's story, we are acquiring the publishing rights to the story, this includes putting an advertisement of our choice on the very top of the story page, and another advertisement of our choice on the bottom right side of the story page. It also includes print rights if we decide to have a print edition of any sort. All ad revenue is the publisher's money. We do audio recordings of stories at our discretion and if the author wants to provide their own audio version, that is acceptable.

Authors agree that in the case of a dispute that it be handled through arbritration at an arbritrator of the publishers choice in the state of the publishers choosing and the results of arbritration will be final. Authors will be responsible for paying any fees associated with arbritration. Honestly, I hope nobody ever needs to sue us. If somebody wants their story removed, they can refund the fee we paid them, and it will happily be taken off our site. We aim to keep our author's happy.

Ours is a permanent searchable index.

Stories may have an Editorial Summary attached to them. An author will receive an email with the summary two weeks before it is posted online. Authors have the option of submitting their own editorial summary. We are not obligated to provide each story with a summary, but some may have them.

We humbly ask that authors promote their own stories when the Issue goes live. All stories are copyright their respective authors on publication.
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