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Comments for Issue7
Not normally my kind of story, but this is really well done. Both authentic and accessible. Nice balance of details.

So this little girl wishes she had the power to make the bully go away... I don't know, this story didn't really do anything for me.

Nice work capturing Bobby's internal conflict. I very much like that I'm left wondering whether she's just some kid who wishes she had super powers, or whether she's just told the truth.

I thought this was fantastic. There were a lot of layers here -- societal, emotional, even philosophical. I think there was a great use of restraint in allowing the story to unfold. It's very easy to get carried away with the emotional component. I particularly love the line "'I don't feel a thing,' she said through a swelling lip." You can feel the girls' pride, humiliation, and commitment to her defense mechanism. Very well done.

Stephen Ramey
Nicely done. The ending works very well indeed.